1. First you need to download this .zip file: It contains all the required files.
  2. Extract the downloaded file and put the extracted folder wherever convenient in your computer.
  3. Install ADB drivers for your device 
  4. Root and Install Busybox on your Android
  5. Launch MTK droid tools you downloaded on your PC
  6. It will read your device and display your device's info
  7. The box at the bottom should be yellow
  8. Click root and then grant super user privileges when prompted on your phone. 
  9. The box should turn green
  10. Click Blocks Map then select create scatter file at the bottom. If this doesn't work,proceed to 11
  11. Click ADB terminal
  12. Type adb devices then press enter
  13. Your device should be displayed 
  14. Type these following commands
    • adb shell (press enter )
    • cat /proc/mtd (press enter )
    • * if the second command doesn't show a list, try cat /proc/emmc (press enter)
  15. A Partition table will appear.. to save it type this command (As the case may be):
    • cat /proc/mtd > /sdcard/
    • or
    • cat /proc/emmc > /sdcard/
  16. Now Put your phone in storage mode or check your SD card and you should see
  17. If the ADB method fails , repeat step 1 to step 12 then click on the root, backup, recovery tab in MTK droid tools then select backup. Wait for the process to complete then get the from the backups folder in the MTK droid tools folder
  18. After that, use MTK ROM Studio to load and generate the corresponding scatter file that will be needed for SP Flash Tool.